Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet era, reducing labour work and helping to create shopping experiences in the operated stores.

Electronic shelf label (ESL),  is a type of placement.  An electronic display device that replaces traditional paper price tags on the shelf.  Main function of electronic shelf label system can be displayed and changed in real time, The latest product information,  used to replace one of the traditional paper price tags complete solution.


No backlight,no eye injury,enhance customer visual experience.Dot matrix pixel display ,large display area,rich content,beautiful appearance.Can display text,pictures,LOGO,etc.It can still be display after power off.When display statically,the power consumption is almost negligible.Easy to operate.

ESL Accessories

Adelante ESL have different accessories like rail,

bracket,artcles,clip and plug, 

installation options are optional and can be used in different scenarios.

Customized accessories are available. 

System Equipment

ESL main system equipments are Retail Base Station 9S and Handheld Terminal .