Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting.

Alarm tags and safers are Adelante’s main EAS products. Customize various sizes and designs for different customers and help them increase their sales are what Adelante keep doing. AM and RF technologies both are available. 

Alarm tag

Adelante's alarm tags are designed to help you lose less and sell more. Normally they are used for protecting your high-end commodities.

1 alarm, 2 alarm, 3 alarm, 4 alarm, 5 alarm all available. 

Customized design and logo are available.

Hard tag & Textile tag

Function tag

Pin & Lanyard


Safer box

Adelante safer box designed according to customer's commodity size, in able to save much display space. Increasing product exposure while protecting products, thereby increasing sales. Customized Brand logo and drawing are available, making the safer looks like a part of commodities, reducing customer's alert of antitheft products.

AM label & Deactivator

AM system & detector

RF label & Deactivator

RF system & detector

Household Products